Ethnological Collection of Šmid

The permanent ethnological exhibiton is held in the old health centre at Planina pri Sevnici.

Janez Šmid from Planina pri Sevnici wanted to prevent the alienation of ethnological heritage, which started after the earthquake in 1974, by starting his own collection. In three decades he collected various objects that signify the culture of the people who lived in Planina and its wider environs.

The collection consists of items and tools used by the people from Planina and its environs in the 19th and 20th centuries for daily purposes such as food preparation in the black kitchen, peasant chores, wine growing, etc. Special emphasis is placed on items illustrating Shrovetide Carnival and other customs.

Janez Šmid was born in 1942 in Celje, and spent his youth in Črnolica at Šentjur. After finishing high school (gymnasium), he studied medicine in Ljubljana, and was later employed as a general practitioner in Straža at Hum. On January 11, 1969, he left for Planina pri Sevnici.



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Muzejska zbirka Planina (the Museum Collection of Planina)

Planina pri Sevnici 37, Planina pri Sevnici