Schwentner's House

The exhibition takes place in the birth house of Lavoslav Schwentner – Ljubljana bookseller and publisher of poets and writers of the Slovene fin-de-siecle literature (1899-1918).

Amidst a row of houses in the market square of Vransko, alongside the central road, stands the house of Schwentner, which was built in the middle of the 19th century. Inside, there is almost a whole and intact collection of furniture, representing everyday life at the turn of the 19th century/20th century. Due to the increase in wealth of the Schwentner family, the house changed its appearance several times – the family became the most affluent and influential in Vransko.

One of the most eminent members of the family is most assuredly Lavoslav Schwentner, Ljubljana bookseller and publisher, born in Vransko in 1865, and known for being the great patron and publisher of poets and writers of the Slovene fin-de-siecle literature; lacking his support, the artists would have had difficulty gaining recognition. He was friends with these artists and spent his holidays with them in Vransko.

Lavoslav attended primary school in Vransko, and secondary school (gymnasium) in Celje. He completed a course in bookselling in Vienna, and continued improving his trade in the book store in Prague. From 1888 to 1897 he was in charge of a book store in Brežice, and afterwards went to Germany, where he acquainted himself with the German publishing industry and established business contacts. On July 1, 1898, he opened his own bookshop in Ljubljana, where he changed residence. His office was frequented by many important Slovenians – artists and cultural workers – among which the greatest was most certainly the writer Ivan Cankar. In addition to Cankar's books, he also published the works of other representatives of Slovenian fin-de-siecle, namely Župančič, Kette, Murn, Prijatelj. He retired in 1938. After WWII, he moved to his home town Vransko with his wife. Lavoslav died on December 29, 1952, and was buried in the Ljubljana cemetery Žale. He had no children.

The house is open every day, but we prefer prior announcements.


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