Decorations, medals, insignia and badges from the collections of the Celje Regional Museum


Celje Regional Museum holds a large number of military and civilian decorations, commemorative medals, military insignia and badges, and badges of gymnastics clubs and choirs.

Although the old accession register and inventory book that were kept before the outbreak of the Second World War have not survived, we may conclude, given the provenance and period of the exhibited items, that they were collected during the Austro-Hungarian period and in the first years following the end of the First World War by the Celje City Museum, which at that time operated under the auspices of the Celje Museum Society. Before the break-up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the public perception of the Museum Society was as an institution of the German community. Its pro-German focus was also expressed in its collection policy at that time, since the collection of old badges of clubs and societies consist exclusively of the badges of ethnic German gymnastics clubs and choirs and their events. The collecting of old decorations was also very intensive in that period.

In our museum collection, for example, there are only a handful of military and civilian decorations established after 1918. Slovenian museums contain few examples of the Austro-Hungarian military insignia which soldiers wore sewn or otherwise affixed to their uniforms and caps. After the end of the First World War and the break-up of Austria-Hungary, many soldiers removed these insignia and threw them away as a sign of their weariness of war and as a demonstration of freedom and equality. In their place they attached the insignia of the newly formed Slovenian Army.

To coincide with the exhibition Honour and Glory: Decorations, medals, insignia and badges from the collections of the Celje Regional Museum, a catalogue has been published with a precise description and photographs of all the exhibits. 

The exhibiton will be on display till august 2020.