Impressions of Celje, The heritage of the city of princes

Impressions of Celje, The heritage of the city of princes

Author: dr. Ivan Stopar

Edition: PMC, English, 2012

Price: 15,00 EUR

Edition: PMC (Celje Regional Museum), 2012, 128 coloured pages, hardcover, English language


In his last work, Ivan Stopar, PhD, returns to Celje once again. In the book Impressions of Celje – the Heritage of the City of Princes, the author attempts to provide an essayist approach to emphasize the remarkable role Celje had with its cultural activity in the Slovenian lands as well as lands abroad. The book is thus not a historical account, nor is it a guidebook for the city's preserved monuments; however, it does present a well-rounded story of the city. The author emphasizes the citizens of Celje who have asserted themselves not only in Celje, but throughout Europe. Special emphasis is on the medieval architect Melfrid (Lady Chapel in the abbey church, Pleterje Charterhouse, presbytery at Sv. Primož nad Kamnikom, churches in Styria, Upper Carniola, Lower Carniola, in Medžimurje, etc.), the Baroque organist Janeček (church organs in Olimje, Crngrob, cathedrals in Ljubljana and Zagreb, etc.), and the cultural worker, the printer Jeretina who kept uplifting the oppressed Slovenians with his newspapers »Celjske Slovenske novine« and »Slovenska čbela« during severe cultural germanization. The book also features some of the lesser-known cityscape portraits (vedute) as part of personal collections; among others, we can find the image of girls from the Celje outskirts, portrayed in 1796 by the English painter and world traveller Forbes.