The Counts of Celje, guided tour

29.08.2019 16:00

We invite visitors to join our guided tours of the exhibition The Counts of Celje in the Princely Palace. The tour will be in English language.

The Counts of Celje permanent exhibition shows the rise and fall of the most important noble lineage in the Late Middle Ages within contemporary Slovenian territory.
In 1333, Lords of Sanneck won property in Celje which they inherited from the Lords of Heunburg. In 1341, the Emperor Ludwig of Bavaria raised them to the status of Counts of Celje. Their powerbase consisted of extensive properties in Syria, Carinthia and Carniola, and excellent family connections with top Central-European nobility. The dynasty reached its peak under the reign of Hermann II, who since 1396 strengthened the power of the family of Celje in close co-operation with the Emperor Sigismund of Luxembourg. He reached his goal in 1436, when Sigismund raised Frederick II and Ulrich II to State Princes. After 1443, Hermann's grandson, Ulrich II of Celje, set his political sights on Hungary, where in 1456 he fought for the title of the King’s Deputy. The same year, he was killed in a conspiracy by Hungarian aristocrats. Beside Trieste, the Mansion of the Counts of Celje in Celje was the only location in Slovenia reached by the European cultural and artistic currents.
Also many architectural monuments of the Late Middle Ages are linked to the name of the family of Celje on our soil and beyond Slovenia’s existing borders.

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